The Treasure Box

So I have this box…

(yes that is Diesel’s paw, he always sneaks into shots he’s a camera hog)

My mom made me this box when I was in primary (4-6yrs old i think, I’ve had it a long while) I think it was for a primary talk or sharing time or something. I remember making it with my mom & taking it to primary & showing it to the primary. Well over the years I kept primary sharing time handouts, projects, then young women handouts, & then seminary & institute journals, notes & handouts & i have no idea what else!! Its become kind of a spiritual time capsule (I am sure that is NOT what this was intended for) but it just became a place where I stored all of my church stuff over the years. I have been wanting to go through it for so long & now I am going to save it (if i can wait!!) for  this weekend & excavate it between Conference sessions. I am pretty excited to see how I have progressed in the gospel, & to remember how I felt back then, my little testimony & such!!

Here is a peek inside:


There are layers of my youth under this top layer ha!

I am way to neat freaky now to keep things like this any longer but I dunno maybe I will organize the inside & keep it going?

Do any of y’all remember doing this or have done anything like this?

***So I totally found the original article that my mom used & the idea behind the “Sabbath Treasure Box” it was in 1995, i was 5, so I’ve had this thing 20 years!!***


Pop Talks

I am a Texan, a Patriot of the Extraordinary USA, I am very stubborn which at times is a blessing as much as at times it can be a curse haha (my hubby & family can attest to my stubbornness), but that Lethal combination I guess you can say is a large basis of a vocally strong individual.

I am a Strong Woman.

That is one thing I have never doubted about myself. I am surrounded by strong women; my momma, my sisters, grandmas & strong people in general, always have been. Young women leaders, friends & people at church who with or without their knowledge, their strength gave me strength. I seek out strength. Those physically & spiritually strong have always grabbed my attention. Whether I saw their strength at times of normalcy, or when they were broken but carried strength possibly unseen by themselves, it was seen by me. Strength is probably one of the most admirable qualities because as unfortunate as it is, it is very uncommon. The reason being is that Strength is not bought or sold, it is earned & often in our meekness given as a gift. The Beauty with strength is that it can be found in weakness & at times of  pure humbleness. At those times, strength comes in doses that build a foundation of strength that can pull you through anything. I say anything in that I, from recent experience have experienced things I never have before & some I have. I had to look at every aspect of my life even going back several years to gather up every bit of strength I could muster. When I thought it was impossible, I was Given added strength from a loving Heavenly Father & Savior. Its sometimes the hardest trips to our own Gethsemane that we are presented with that strength as an added gift & reminder of love from our supreme creators. I am fully aware & believe & more so Know that all that I have & hope to be in my individual life & as a patriot of this nation that I am privileged to call home, would not be possible without our supreme creators. My life, my country, & my family was & will be founded upon by strong, God fearing individuals. I have Big dreams & many many goals but I still at the ripe young age of 25 don’t know what the heck I want to do with my life. However, being eternally grateful for past & current examples in my life, I have Always known the Woman I want to be.

With recent trials I was reminded of & reflected on conversations I had with my pops throughout my life. I often wondered why I had to go through all I had & was going through at the time. But, being a father of three girls (which must have been terrifying for a man, & father) he always knew what to say. He is Not a strong woman but he is a Strong man, physically & spiritually & raised 4 strong children & 3 strong daughters who grew to be strong women. Below is a quote that sums up what he taught & my recorded reflections of those conversations.

If you ever wonder why bad things happen to good people.

It’s because God knows they’re capable of handling it.

My dad was a great example of this, anytime I was struggling or going through something my dad would come have a talk with me & explain that what I was going through was unique to me, & that as big & strong as he is, if he were faced with the same struggle he may not be strong enough to handle it as I am.

My dad is a big guy, (from one of my favorite stories of my moms) He has arms that could bend rail road tracks. Having several of these talks with my dad it always put in comparison & a little shock that someone so big & strong wouldn’t be able to handle what I was going through. But more than that, aside from the many things that those talks taught me, one in particular was a lesson in strength. Not so much of the physical aspect, but being spiritually strong.

If you know me & what I have gone through in my young life, strength is something I desperately needed on a daily basis & now being grown I still cherish those talks & when “bad things” happen, I just whip out my spiritual rail road track bending strength because I’m capable of handling whatever trials life has for me, just like my dad.

After all I am little sam.


The Floral Lumberjack, What does she Collect?

So…I may have a slight problem….

I LOVE Journals.

I collect them (If you can’t tell)

What can I say I fill em up fast!

Beauty & the Beast Used to be my favorite movie & it still holds a place in my heart all for the same reason. I. Wanted. That. Library. I mean who didn’t?! I used to dream about that library. Psshh bring it on Beast just be sure to lock me up in said Library. As long as my “want list” is for books I want, I had a beautiful thought of what if that library was filled with things that I wrote?

I know what your thinking who the heck would want to read a library full of stories about yourself & to that I reply…WHO WOULDN’T?! Haha Kidding (to an extent)

One of my many goals for this year is to Document more, I believe Journal writing is SO Important.

There are so many reasons to Journal, One of which is one of the many reasons I chose to blog.

Right this second or years, even decades down the road

Your Story is key that can unlock someone else’s prison…

I am a believer in that. There are so many times someone has said something or shared something that someone else has said that they have written down & shared & it was exactly what I needed to hear, & that has happened to me way more times than I can even count.

Something that I write in most if not all of my hard copy Journals is this

Knowledge carefully recorded is knowledge available in time of need, spiritually sensitive information should be kept in a sacred place that communicates to the Lord how you treasure it. That Practice enhances the likelihood of you receiving further light.

-Elder Richard G. Scott

This right here, I have practiced & put into practice the exact things it says to do, to record, keep it in a place that is important to me where i have access to it all the time & Yes as I write & record things, whether I have a journal out at church, at general conference, at a funeral, at home, while reading scriptures, or preparing a lesson. By practicing writing things down as they come to me or at the time I feel as if the words of someone else are speaking to my very heart I record it. & as promised any other time I whip it out, which most of the time I flip it open wherever I am & hold a pen in my hand. Something, even if a simple phrase or sentence or a long quote or even talk, will touch my heart & I go to writing. Even more so I will have it out with pen in hand & something will come to mind & my hand starts writing & sometimes it has nothing to do with what is being said, it is just something the spirit needed teach me that day. That on numerous occasions I am able to refer back to & it impacts me in the same way it did when my pen first touched the paper.

Here are some other quotes that have inspired me

Sometimes a single phrase of testimony can set events into motion that affect someones life for eternity

– President Dieter F. Uchtdorf

Never Delay a Prompting. By becoming the answer to someones Prayer, we often find the answers to our own

-President Dieter F. Uchtdorf


BE STRONG. You never know who You are Inspiring

There are several Journals I keep & So Do You!!

Most people don’t even know they are journaling

Thanks Social Media!!

Yep Blogging, Facebook, Instagram, Yes Even Youtube, it counts!!

We frequently document milestones, funny & sad moments, Goals, Travels, loves of all kinds, interests, & life experiences. Well Dang we are already off to a great start!!

I am old fashioned when it comes to things like books, Journals, talking to people, movies, etc… I like hard copies of things, or doing things in person or by hand, i know technology is great but there is something about hard copies of things that makes it nostalgic if that make sense. But that is me personally, But I mean if you’re a Techie By all means that is Fantastic!! I may get there someday but for now I’m kickin it old school.

Some hard copy Journals I keep & some ideas if you in need of some inspiration are

  • Priesthood Blessing Journal- when given a blessing practice listening to the words spoken & if anything or all of it sticks out go record it, it will help you then & maybe in the future get through what was difficult then
  • Blessing Journal- Count your blessings is a great practice, it is so easy to get down in the dumps but this helps you to remember life isn’t so bad
  • Missionary Experiences- I love this one, I have some good ones & there are times I didn’t write some down & i can’t remember them well, but these are great to learn from, to share, & one day when your kids are learning to share they can see that yeah even mom & dad were scared to go up to someone & talk to them or share the gospel, its just an all around lovely thing & to remember how you felt doing it.
  • Fast & Testimony- Got to share your Testimony this fast sunday? or not? or are you super afraid of getting up in front of people? write down what you said or take time today to write down your testimony or if you are fasting write what you are fasting about and why. This is great to see how your testimony blossoms or if it goes in the other direction you can refer back to a time when you were stronger & maybe even a time when you fasted for the strength to strengthen a testimony
  • Bucket List- Oh yeah this is a fun one!! As simple or crazy as those bucket lists may be make one!! make a ton!! Then whether its traveling the globe or eating at a yummy restaurant a few counties over write what you experienced & how it feels to scratch that off your bucket list
  • Travels- Similar to the Bucket List but can also be a bit of a travel log/scrapbook. Include a picture or few & write how much fun you had or even how much fun you did not have, any flat tires or hilarious over flirtatious locals write it down. It will serve as something to reminisce or to make a goal to return or never go back again.
  • Spiritual/Insights- This is one I have the most of, as touched on previously, these are the ones i write down promptings of the spirit in, quotes, sayings, etc..
  • Quotes- I know you love pinterest, or have seen a quote someone posts on facebook, Keep inspiring quotes & quotes you love in one place!!
  • Goals- simple enough, write down goals & then record when you achieve them how it felt to achieve it
  • Dreams-Have dreams of starting a business or going to school or a mission etc.. write in here & you can keep quotes or phone numbers of contacts or anything that will help you achieve said dream
  • Journal for Each Child- I have not started these yet because well I don’t have any kids yet, but i love the idea of writing while pregnant or while each kids grows write things to them that you are proud of or heck even times they drove you up the wall so one day they can read & see how much you had to put up with (Ha!) But also to see how proud of them you truly are. You could also do this as a wedding gift for a fiance or keep one for your husband.
  • Trial Journal- This is a great one to keep. to look back & see how you overcame/overcome trials, date trials & update. Go back to each trial & record how you are dealing with said trial or how you overcame that trial & things learned.
    • This journal is NOT meant to drown in sorrows but to remember & focus on our strengths we receive from trials & heaven forbid we experience a trial more than one we can see what helped us overcome it & gain strength from advice we experienced ourselves.
    • This also can be beneficial to your children in them knowing they are not the only one going through trials, You too may have been through it as well, we know as stubborn as kids are they think “You have no idea what I am going through” But as much as they maybe won’t listen to you as an adult they may be more receptive to you as your younger self recorded & read in your journal by your child one day
    • When keeping a Journal like this remember not to Dwell in the past but learn to talk about your blessings more that you talk about your burdens

I could go on this topic for a while But I mostly wanted to share something about my self that I collect & that I am passionate about. I have a grandmother who always journals & I guess that is where I get it maybe.

If you do take anything away from this no matter word for word or almost to nothing remember to WRITE IT DOWN.

Do you keep a Journal?

Do you have one or many?

What kinds of Journals do you keep & why?

How do you Journal (writing or typing)?

When I look for journals I look for ones that will last, No flimsy ones, I like all sizes because some fit easily in my purse & I can keep with me at all times & others are larger & i can fit more in. Most if Not all of mine have come from Barnes & Noble, Home Goods & Marshall’s.

Here are some of my favorites I have found recently,