Sister Riddle

Sister Riddle

One of the Most Influential Women in my life.

In their journey in serving our Savior Jesus Christ, Brother & Sister Riddle blessed the Texas McAllen Mission & the Corpus Christi 2nd ward in particular with their sweet spirits in 2004

Sister Riddle- Confirmed & magnified my knowledge, love & testimony of missionary work.

Sister Riddle- you Never know what she is going to say… Like when we were taking family pictures at my sisters reception & she was asked to join & she was so excited looking around at us all & spotted my bearded husband & said “OH You, You’re Cute!” we all burst into laughter. OR when she predicts the man you’ll marry on the second day we had spent together in person.

Sister Riddle- who when you see whether every day, or after many years, she is just as excited to see you.

Sister Riddle- her love & hugs, expressions of happiness & gratitude when she sees you can make you feel loved for a lifetime.

Sister Riddle- She Always Cries. BUT that has to be one of my favorite things about her because she is the happiest person I know, & they are Always tears of love, support, happiness, & excitement.

Sister Riddle- She is one of the most Beautiful People I have ever met, Physically & Spiritually.

Sister Riddle- her attitude, her actions, her expressions, her spirit, is pure in Christ.

Sister Riddle- when I think of Christ like love, I think Sister Riddle. How she loves & expresses it, is exactly how I can clearly see & imagine how our Savior would show His love & embrace us.

Sister Riddle- like our Savior & Heavenly Father, I cannot fathom how one person can contain so much Love, but then I think, Sister Riddle.

Sister Riddle- You are the type of Woman all Women should aspire to be, & who I hope I can one day become like.

Thank You, Sister Riddle

♡ Samantha Harris


The Floral Lumberjack


I’m Samantha, I am 24 years young & a newlywed of 3 years. I’m from Corpus Christi, Texas  & you can bet your bottom I love me some barbecue & country music. The theory behind “The Floral Lumberjack” is all about the things I love & dream to do (I’ve got a Texas sized heart & acres of dreams!!) I have so many things I can’t wait to share & am so grateful you stopped by!!



ello deer

Happy Halloween!!

I am a BIG Halloween costume procrastinator. I can maybe MAYBE count on one hand times where I “pre” planned what I was going to be for Halloween. Since last Halloween me & the Hubs wanted to be Lumberjacks, but last year fell through & we didn’t end up dressing up due to moving. But this year the day of, me & my oldest sister went looking for costumes at a local Halloween store. There were a Ton of cute ideas but the Hubs wasn’t so crazy about some of my couple choices haha after we left I was determined to find something. That is when I remembered this tutorial!!

You can also visit Miss Shannon O’Brien‘s blog in the link below for more details on this look


This idea was just too cute & one of our favorite things, Deer!!

I have to say THIS is probably one of the easiest go to costume ideas & cheapest at that. Most of the stuff you need are already in your make up bag or you can get super cheap at your local drug store or Ulta!! The only thing you may need to find if you have no trees in your yard like me (front or back), are twigs for your “antlers”. I snuck into my sisters front yard (we are 4 houses apart) & got some small branches off her tree (with her permission) I was however caught by 3 of my nephews & heard the oldest say “Mom why is aunt Samantha taking branches off the tree?” hahaha they came outside & caught me red handed asking why I needed sticks for a costume & I just told them just wait & see its going to be a surprise!!

I surprised myself with my skills, my one sister has mad make up skills (she taught me how to be girly) so I was terrified I was going to slaughter the deer/look (haha)

But though my lines weren’t perfect it came out pretty cute!! This is such an inspirational look as well. My sister ended up copying this look for one of my little nieces which came out WAY better than mine (its those mad make up skills I tell ya & the help of a beautiful little sweetheart!) Not only that but she recreated the look Again on my niece for Halloween & ended up doing it on herself as well. and another friend of mine a fellow Texan copied this look as well as a friend in Chili. AND later found out my sister helped Her friend with this look as well. I’m tellin ya Easy & Adorable!!

But enough chattin here are some pictures of my look & my little niece who wanted to look like her auntie manta!!