• Someone got their first venison bone and stole his brothers
  • Ill preach any chance I get  Meditate !! Your
  • yknow just in case Always gotta keep a can on
  • Bring it on 2018
  • Made my First brisket yesterday on our new Traeger along
  • Sleep in  Snuggle puppies  Ill say my Saturday
  • Not so much the positivity but definitely needing the energy
  • Traeger Chicken Challenge and my Favorite salad

The Treasure Box

So I have this box…

(yes that is Diesel’s paw, he always sneaks into shots he’s a camera hog)

My mom made me this box when I was in primary (4-6yrs old i think, I’ve had it a long while) I think it was for a primary talk or sharing time or something. I remember making it with my mom & taking it to primary & showing it to the primary. Well over the years I kept primary sharing time handouts, projects, then young women handouts, & then seminary & institute journals, notes & handouts & i have no idea what else!! Its become kind of a spiritual time capsule (I am sure that is NOT what this was intended for) but it just became a place where I stored all of my church stuff over the years. I have been wanting to go through it for so long & now I am going to save it (if i can wait!!) for  this weekend & excavate it between Conference sessions. I am pretty excited to see how I have progressed in the gospel, & to remember how I felt back then, my little testimony & such!!

Here is a peek inside:


There are layers of my youth under this top layer ha!

I am way to neat freaky now to keep things like this any longer but I dunno maybe I will organize the inside & keep it going?

Do any of y’all remember doing this or have done anything like this?

***So I totally found the original article that my mom used & the idea behind the “Sabbath Treasure Box” it was in 1995, i was 5, so I’ve had this thing 20 years!!***



its that time of year, autumn leaves, cooler air, gorgeous fall colors, NO not Christmas or Thanksgiving its only the beginning of October people!! It’s General Conference time!! What is General Conference you ask?

General Conference is held semiannually & i count down to them like Christmas. I look forward to feeling peace, love & comfort. Something I do before each conference (that seminary got me in the habit of doing) is making a list big or small of questions i had ie. life questions, personal questions, or questions where i was seeking comfort or guidance. It never failed every time i have exercised this, i have received the answers through the spirit or word for word in a talk that someone has given. I personally invite you to watch with me!! BYU channel on your TV, lds.org, youtube, or come watch it with me at my house (we have blankets & yummy snacks). You have nothing to lose & everything to gain, join me I dare ya!!

Why do you look forward to Conference?

What are some of your Conference weekend traditions?

Who is your favorite speaker?


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The Floral Lumberjack


I’m Samantha, I am 24 years young & a newlywed of 3 years. I’m from Corpus Christi, Texas  & you can bet your bottom I love me some barbecue & country music. The theory behind “The Floral Lumberjack” is all about the things I love & dream to do (I’ve got a Texas sized heart & acres of dreams!!) I have so many things I can’t wait to share & am so grateful you stopped by!!