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  • yknow just in case Always gotta keep a can on
  • Bring it on 2018
  • Made my First brisket yesterday on our new Traeger along
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  • Not so much the positivity but definitely needing the energy
  • Traeger Chicken Challenge and my Favorite salad


Oh Change how we know thee well…

Me & the hubby are too familiar with this lovely word, good & bad we know it well. We recently have been faced with a sudden change that is here before for us like a zit, you knew you were expecting it someday just not so soon. But I will get onto the changes at a later time once we get a grasp of things ourselves.

With the stress & excitement & intimidation of this soon to come Change, we needed some stress relieving. This sounds awful but luckily the Hubby got sick this week (poor hubs) & we both have just been lazy bums & honestly it has been just what we both needed. We are still like AHHH with everything but, rested up & more energy & clearer eyes, we now feel ready to take on these changes (or so we think we feel).

So the first day Chris was sick he slept most of the day. I have a room full of decorations for my house that I’ve been making smaller & smaller by fixing & beautifying our home by hanging things up & such. Well a couple weeks ago I found some frames & made a collage of them in the store on the floor & I was inspired…

What happened next? yep new sheets, a side dresser, a throw, blanket, & a couple throw pillows. I already had the curtain rod from the tapestry I had hung on the wall previously over the bed, the lace curtains my mom mailed to me when we lived in Utah & I was saving them for someday. I also had already purchased the lamp & shade, the big quatrefoil mirror, the Bison skull, most of which were just sitting waiting to be used in my “storage room”. I found the frames & a side dresser & I was inspired & thought of the decorations at home that would blend well with my vision. So this past Thursday while trying to take my mind off things & relieve stress the guest room got a re-transformation.










Its not exactly how I want it just yet but it’ll do for now. I have a lot more things in mind I’d like to add, but things are kind of at a halt for now. Which I don’t mind because I just walk into this room & I am immediately relaxed. I am just drawn to different & Love me some bohemian inspired style. I may not be a gypsy or have had a chance to travel the lands but I wander. In spirit & mind I am always wandering, dreaming up new ideas & goals, striving for new ways to better myself & the life of my family, ways in which even as little as they may be I can make a change & impact the lives of others.

It boggles my mind to think design wise how I have gotten to where I am & shutter to think at where I was. When we first got married I did a vintage style home but I was never happy with it because everything was beige and bland & it seemed more like an antique shop (the bad kind not the good kind) instead of cozy, simple, & refreshing as well as relaxing. & I wasn’t allowed to paint my walls in our apartment so that bummed me out. Then we moved to Texas & lived with my parents for some months & I got to dream up what I wanted our next home to be & I just came back to a bohemian, eclectic, southern, mix of sorts style. There are things I look at that I love & then there are things that I’m just like, I like it but it needs something or a new spot.

***My biggest tip for Decorating fill your home with things you LOVE. NOT temporary things. It drives me crazy when i hear people say well i’ll just get this for now… NO NO & NO!! Don’t spend money on temporary things put that money toward something your Crazy about, save up for what you really want, or hunt on craigslist & make it your own. My goal for my home is to fill it with pretty things whether I find them on the side of the road or I score some more deals at Homegoods. A tip within a tip, choose pieces that tell a story, I found a saying once & it said:

Collect things you love, that are authentic to you, & your house becomes your story.

-Erin Flett

My sole goal for a home is that, & a home of love filled with love & peace & a place where the spirit can dwell. Those are probably the Best tips I could give anyone in regards to decorating & designing your home.

What are design tips or guidelines you go by in making your house a home?

FINDS: (I tried to hunt down online all that I found because everything I purchased was In Store)

Large Quatrefoil Mirror-Homegoods

Side Dresser- Homegoods

Lumbar Pillow- Homegoods

Square Pillow- Target

Sheets, Bed Skirt & King Blanket– Target

Fur Throw- World Market

Alarm Clock- Target

Lamp & Shade– Target

Bison Skull- White Faux Taxidermy

Curtain Rod- Home Goods

All Frames- Sconce, Brassy Blue Frame, small white wash frame, Largest Blued Frame, Small Brass Frame (from homegoods), Gold & natural Frame– World Market

Curtains- Gifted by my momma

Brass Armadillo- West Elm

Frame on Side dresser- I bought two of these, one is the top right one in the frame collage this one on the side dresser both of which are from- Home Goods


Sister Riddle

Sister Riddle

One of the Most Influential Women in my life.

In their journey in serving our Savior Jesus Christ, Brother & Sister Riddle blessed the Texas McAllen Mission & the Corpus Christi 2nd ward in particular with their sweet spirits in 2004

Sister Riddle- Confirmed & magnified my knowledge, love & testimony of missionary work.

Sister Riddle- you Never know what she is going to say… Like when we were taking family pictures at my sisters reception & she was asked to join & she was so excited looking around at us all & spotted my bearded husband & said “OH You, You’re Cute!” we all burst into laughter. OR when she predicts the man you’ll marry on the second day we had spent together in person.

Sister Riddle- who when you see whether every day, or after many years, she is just as excited to see you.

Sister Riddle- her love & hugs, expressions of happiness & gratitude when she sees you can make you feel loved for a lifetime.

Sister Riddle- She Always Cries. BUT that has to be one of my favorite things about her because she is the happiest person I know, & they are Always tears of love, support, happiness, & excitement.

Sister Riddle- She is one of the most Beautiful People I have ever met, Physically & Spiritually.

Sister Riddle- her attitude, her actions, her expressions, her spirit, is pure in Christ.

Sister Riddle- when I think of Christ like love, I think Sister Riddle. How she loves & expresses it, is exactly how I can clearly see & imagine how our Savior would show His love & embrace us.

Sister Riddle- like our Savior & Heavenly Father, I cannot fathom how one person can contain so much Love, but then I think, Sister Riddle.

Sister Riddle- You are the type of Woman all Women should aspire to be, & who I hope I can one day become like.

Thank You, Sister Riddle

♡ Samantha Harris


New Mane





I had the same hair stylist for the past 10 years & since moving to San Antonio, I have been on the hunt for a new stylist. I was spoiled because the woman who had been doing my hair was a good friend of mine & I trusted her with my hair. That may not seem like a huge deal, but for someone who had only two people touch my hair {the other being my sister} for the past 12 years, I was terrified of trying someone new. Especially being in a new town & not having any friends, {with the exception of my awesome “Boss” & my oldest sister who both live 4 houses down from me & across the street from one another}

I would constantly be on the hunt for good hair. Any time I saw someone with a great mane, I’d approach them & ask them. I don’t know if people are just WAY too secretive of their stylist & don’t want to share them with anyone {by “forgetting” the name of the salon or stylist} or if everyone truly either does their own hair or has their friends sisters uncles daughters cousin do their hair 3 states over.

But Golly Gee I had given up, My one sister found someone she tried in town, but I was looking for someone a little closer to home. I struck Gold!! I had seen a salon across from the Temple when we’d go or when I was in that area & I finally remembered to jot down the name. I did my own research & booked an appointment. I decided to go with a darling Sweetheart, who bless her heart put up with me talking about my fears & what I wanted, DID NOT want, likes & dislikes. She was a rock star. She immediately gave me confidence through her knowledge & expertise. I knew I got lucky when she did my hair & while it was goopy & glazed up, it looked AMAZING. I was like Dang Darlin’ if my hair looks this good goopy, I Cannot WAIT to see what it looks like dry!! She giggled & we had a jolly good time. All in all you can see the results, I am so happy I have found a wonderful stylist {& pray she stays put!! haha} This may be a vain post, but I haven’t had my hair done or cut in a little over a year, so I’m feelin all girly & such again. If you’re in the San Antonio area shoot me an email I WILL SHARE MY STYLIST, because I KNOW how scary it can be (=

Stay beautiful darlings!!