a long awaited transformation

The most important room in home in my personal opinion is the Master Bedroom.

Married or not, children or not; Your bedroom should be your getaway, your place to unwind, withdrawal from worries of the day, a place to relax, a place of love & tranquility.

Well that’s selfish what about the family room or the kitchen the “Heart” of the home?

I’m sorry, but the heart of my home is the bedroom (master bedroom). Whether you have kids or not the bedroom like the marriage should be the “mantle” so to speak of the home. Its a place where husband & wife reconnect & hey we all sleep right or at least attempt to? If a husband & wife can recollect themselves & each other it then  makes life in and out of the home easier when tackled as a team.

No matter the budget big or small you can always work within your means to make your house a home.

I had been getting after my sister to transform her bedroom for a while, & it honestly didn’t take much convincing because she wanted to do it badly as well. The convincing part was more so dropping other parts of the home she wanted to work on & put all focus on their bedroom.

It is still a work in progress but its almost there!! It looks gorgeous & I am so happy for her!! It was a blast looking & hunting for deals & unique items to incorporate in their room.

Details about the room:

Bedding: Duvet, coverlet, shams, & brass rhino were all purchased at West Elm

Various Decor Items: all animal heads (minus the larger deer mount), lamp, were found at our local Home Goods

Front throw pillows & Nighstands/side tables: were hunted down at our local Marshalls

The Head board was proudly designed & built my my sisters awesome Hubby

The  Alfred Deer mount was purchased from White Faux Taxidermy

(FYI if you have not checked out White Faux Taxidermy do it PRONTO!! You will want everything, & become addicted like we have haha)

I hope this inspired you & I challenge you if you have yet to, Give that Bedroom Oasis some love, remember Rome wasn’t built in a day. Take Your time, Look for pieces you LOVE & fall back in Love. Best of Luck!!


The Treasure Box

So I have this box…

(yes that is Diesel’s paw, he always sneaks into shots he’s a camera hog)

My mom made me this box when I was in primary (4-6yrs old i think, I’ve had it a long while) I think it was for a primary talk or sharing time or something. I remember making it with my mom & taking it to primary & showing it to the primary. Well over the years I kept primary sharing time handouts, projects, then young women handouts, & then seminary & institute journals, notes & handouts & i have no idea what else!! Its become kind of a spiritual time capsule (I am sure that is NOT what this was intended for) but it just became a place where I stored all of my church stuff over the years. I have been wanting to go through it for so long & now I am going to save it (if i can wait!!) for  this weekend & excavate it between Conference sessions. I am pretty excited to see how I have progressed in the gospel, & to remember how I felt back then, my little testimony & such!!

Here is a peek inside:


There are layers of my youth under this top layer ha!

I am way to neat freaky now to keep things like this any longer but I dunno maybe I will organize the inside & keep it going?

Do any of y’all remember doing this or have done anything like this?

***So I totally found the original article that my mom used & the idea behind the “Sabbath Treasure Box” it was in 1995, i was 5, so I’ve had this thing 20 years!!***


Conference Traditions

I ADORED General Conference this past weekend!! Well, I always adore conference ha! But really, I always write down questions that I ponder before conference, sometimes, even weeks & months before conference. I think this quote sums up & answered all my questions in one!! I needed to hear this soooo much!! It never fails EVERY TIME I come to conference with questions every single one gets answered even the ones my forgetful brain forgot that I had! Aside from this talk President Uchtdorf gave I received so many more answers to questions I’d had through inspirational messages from loving leaders of this church. Before Conference weekend started I shared a post about a box I’ve had since being a little, I went through it & reminisced!! Most of it was all silly, primary drawings & paper craft about lessons I’d had in primary, the other lot of it were quotes, journals & such from my youth. I am really looking forward to studying more into those because that is where my testimony of the gospel really helped me become who I am today.

Aside from the excitement of “The Box” I began thinking of traditions to start. Being married now we’ve always done pretty much everything with family, which is awesome & a blast, don’t get me wrong. But there comes time where you as a couple begin on the adventure of creating traditions as a little family. There are somethings each family does that we both love & want to carry on, but also looking for new ideas of things that inspire us & help us as a family celebrate the different events of life.

I began listing some things that we already were doing (Conference tradition wise) & then I started brainstorming & Googling. I know there are a TON out there but here are some of the Ideas that I loved

  • One month before General Conference Begins, Read the previous General Conference Ensign. (a talk each day leading up to the new Conference)
    • These awesome people started 30 DAYS OF CONFERENCE, which is where this idea sprang from, they have an Instagram account that you can follow which helps you stay on top of reading each talk for the 30 days before conference.
  • Between Conferences read the Conference Ensign, so for example, after the April Conference Ensign comes out read talks each week (for FHE, or on Sundays) leading up to the October General Conference. It most of the time works out perfectly.
    • I know these first two are almost the same But! I suggest doing the second if not both!! My husbands family does the second & I loved that they did that & that is something we now do in our home. It is such a great thing to do. I think about how excited I get for General Conference & by doing this it keeps that excitement & spirit year round. It comes in handy especially when previous challenges or topics are revisited in the next conference. I also love that not only  do I get to revisit the talks that I loved so much, but that some of the talks which at the time “didn’t apply” to me (or so I thought) sometimes have an effect on me a couple months later, when I may be going through something & I need to read & hear words from someone maybe I didn’t pay that close attention to at the time. Oh my in laws would also play the talk they were on in the Conference Ensign on the computer so that they would be seeing & hearing the voice of the speaker whose talk they were on that week.
  • Build a Fort.
    • Have kids? Don’t have kids? Kids out of the House? Who cares Build a Fort!! Brush up on those skills & get goin. Its the little things that make the Bigger things way more exciting & memorable!!
  • Between Session Picnic
    • I knew a family who did this, they would bring a picnic with them to the church where conference was broadcasted & then instead of going home & then coming back right away they’d go out to the church field & have a picnic & enjoy one another, reflect, review, discuss the talks given, share testimonies, giggle at the times when a speaker made a funny, or if President Monson wiggled his ears again over the pulpit, or when the apostles fist bump one another. Most people view from home now, which totally works too. Go have a picnic in the backyard or go to a local park!!
  • Go on a walk
    • I Love walks probably now more than ever because I have a puppy to walk with. This is such a great way to get out & get some fresh air & stretch between sessions. Like the picnic idea, take this opportunity to reflect on questions you had/have, were they answered yet? how? What was said that comforted you? Not only is it a relaxing thing to do but it gets you outside while your in the mindset of all things conference & full of the spirit, take a look around & love & appreciate where you are now, & the Beauty that surrounds you!
  • This one is a repeat, write down questions you have to ponder during conference
    • The Key to this is WRITE THEM DOWN!! If you have a great memory more power to ya But I am a BIG writer downer. This Works. I Promise you!
  • Candy Jars/Buckets/Bags
    • I loved this one especially if you have little ones (or a Big little one 😉 hehe) write down some major topics that are likely to be discussed. Write on the container directly or on a paper then attach to said container & set up on a coffee table or console near the TV. So that whenever the word/phrase is said or they recognize the topic of the talk they can go up & grab a candy/healthy snack from the container. This helps little ones get excited for conference & to practice listening & paying attention to the talks that are given.
  • Conference Countdown
    • I am all for countdowns, I am impatient sometimes when it comes to holidays, I want them to be here as soon as the holiday is in season but then again preparation wise I gain my patience right back up! There are many count down ideas out there, but I even just liked the idea of a good ol paper chain count down calender, this would also be a good idea to coincide the countdown with the Conference Ensign reading schedule!! I guarantee if your kids see you get excited to countdown for conference they will develop a love for doing so too & a Love for Conference.
  • (BIG) Conference Basket
    • I was planning on doing this one this past weekend, but my parents came into town & in between conferences we were spending time together. But this I LOVE!! I am bummed I didn’t have time to do it when I found the Idea because I was looking forward to having pictures to share, but bet your bottom be on the look out in April because I’m so doing it!! Get a Big basket the bigger the family the bigger the basket. Load that puppy up!! When I saw this idea it reminded me of Easter. But I liked the idea of one big family basket vs individual baskets, which may not be a bad idea down the line or if you do have kids. But for now I like the Big one, some ideas for things to put in the basket are: Journals, Pens, Snacks/Candy, Blankets/Throws, you can include the family pet & get a bone/toy/treats for them, & whatever else floats your boat!
  • After Conference
    • Along with things previously listed, Something that we are doing this week & I think has been adopted into a tradition is, after conference weekend, play a session each day:
      • Women’s Conference (Saturday Before Conference Weekend/week before conference)
      • 1st session (Saturday morning)
      • 2nd session (Saturday afternoon)
      • Priesthood Session (Saturday Night)
      • 4th Session (Sunday Morning)
      • & 5th Session (Sunday Afternoon)
    • if you divvy those up in order or whichever order you prefer, that’s a session a day (6 sessions/6 days) & will last you until the next Sunday. I thought this would be a great idea because during conference there is so much going on especially Saturdays when there are 3 sessions in a day, it can be exciting but a little overwhelming. Like reading the talks in between conferences, this helps to focus more in depth to the messages that were shared & is less overwhelming, especially if you work on conference weekend or due to life, watching it the exact second its broadcasted isn’t realistic at the time. This gives you an opportunity to watch it for the first time, & taking your time or gives you the opportunity to focus again or hear things you missed before.

Do you have Conference Traditions?

I’d love to know if any of y’all use these in the future if you do please tag @theflorallumberjack /use hash tag #theflorallumberjack


If your reading this & wondering what in the world General Conference is…

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