four years.

Rarely have things gone as planned. We have had trials after trials after trials. He is the Best Anniversary Gift Giver…

{Year one -a gun
Year two – moved to Texas (my home)
Year three – our little Diesel puppy}

We both almost had our fourth anniversary gift in the form of a little one. But shortly after moving to Austin & an emergency room trip that gift was postponed. We’ve faced hard times but I know that the ones we faced early on helped build our relationship. We’ve faced some similar trials & some we’re new to, but there is No one I would rather have by my side through it all. We can handle Anything because of how we together have learned to take on trials. I have cried harder than I’ve ever cried, laughed harder than I’ve ever laughed (most of those being at the same time lol), & I have Never been as happy or whole without my honey. I can’t give enough thanks to my Heavenly Father for putting such an extraordinary loving, God fearing, hardworking man in my life. Not to mention one who loves guns, Texas & puppies as much as I do!! I Love you Darlin Happy Anniversary!!