The Floral Lumberjack, What does she Collect?

So…I may have a slight problem….

I LOVE Journals.

I collect them (If you can’t tell)

What can I say I fill em up fast!

Beauty & the Beast Used to be my favorite movie & it still holds a place in my heart all for the same reason. I. Wanted. That. Library. I mean who didn’t?! I used to dream about that library. Psshh bring it on Beast just be sure to lock me up in said Library. As long as my “want list” is for books I want, I had a beautiful thought of what if that library was filled with things that I wrote?

I know what your thinking who the heck would want to read a library full of stories about yourself & to that I reply…WHO WOULDN’T?! Haha Kidding (to an extent)

One of my many goals for this year is to Document more, I believe Journal writing is SO Important.

There are so many reasons to Journal, One of which is one of the many reasons I chose to blog.

Right this second or years, even decades down the road

Your Story is key that can unlock someone else’s prison…

I am a believer in that. There are so many times someone has said something or shared something that someone else has said that they have written down & shared & it was exactly what I needed to hear, & that has happened to me way more times than I can even count.

Something that I write in most if not all of my hard copy Journals is this

Knowledge carefully recorded is knowledge available in time of need, spiritually sensitive information should be kept in a sacred place that communicates to the Lord how you treasure it. That Practice enhances the likelihood of you receiving further light.

-Elder Richard G. Scott

This right here, I have practiced & put into practice the exact things it says to do, to record, keep it in a place that is important to me where i have access to it all the time & Yes as I write & record things, whether I have a journal out at church, at general conference, at a funeral, at home, while reading scriptures, or preparing a lesson. By practicing writing things down as they come to me or at the time I feel as if the words of someone else are speaking to my very heart I record it. & as promised any other time I whip it out, which most of the time I flip it open wherever I am & hold a pen in my hand. Something, even if a simple phrase or sentence or a long quote or even talk, will touch my heart & I go to writing. Even more so I will have it out with pen in hand & something will come to mind & my hand starts writing & sometimes it has nothing to do with what is being said, it is just something the spirit needed teach me that day. That on numerous occasions I am able to refer back to & it impacts me in the same way it did when my pen first touched the paper.

Here are some other quotes that have inspired me

Sometimes a single phrase of testimony can set events into motion that affect someones life for eternity

– President Dieter F. Uchtdorf

Never Delay a Prompting. By becoming the answer to someones Prayer, we often find the answers to our own

-President Dieter F. Uchtdorf


BE STRONG. You never know who You are Inspiring

There are several Journals I keep & So Do You!!

Most people don’t even know they are journaling

Thanks Social Media!!

Yep Blogging, Facebook, Instagram, Yes Even Youtube, it counts!!

We frequently document milestones, funny & sad moments, Goals, Travels, loves of all kinds, interests, & life experiences. Well Dang we are already off to a great start!!

I am old fashioned when it comes to things like books, Journals, talking to people, movies, etc… I like hard copies of things, or doing things in person or by hand, i know technology is great but there is something about hard copies of things that makes it nostalgic if that make sense. But that is me personally, But I mean if you’re a Techie By all means that is Fantastic!! I may get there someday but for now I’m kickin it old school.

Some hard copy Journals I keep & some ideas if you in need of some inspiration are

  • Priesthood Blessing Journal- when given a blessing practice listening to the words spoken & if anything or all of it sticks out go record it, it will help you then & maybe in the future get through what was difficult then
  • Blessing Journal- Count your blessings is a great practice, it is so easy to get down in the dumps but this helps you to remember life isn’t so bad
  • Missionary Experiences- I love this one, I have some good ones & there are times I didn’t write some down & i can’t remember them well, but these are great to learn from, to share, & one day when your kids are learning to share they can see that yeah even mom & dad were scared to go up to someone & talk to them or share the gospel, its just an all around lovely thing & to remember how you felt doing it.
  • Fast & Testimony- Got to share your Testimony this fast sunday? or not? or are you super afraid of getting up in front of people? write down what you said or take time today to write down your testimony or if you are fasting write what you are fasting about and why. This is great to see how your testimony blossoms or if it goes in the other direction you can refer back to a time when you were stronger & maybe even a time when you fasted for the strength to strengthen a testimony
  • Bucket List- Oh yeah this is a fun one!! As simple or crazy as those bucket lists may be make one!! make a ton!! Then whether its traveling the globe or eating at a yummy restaurant a few counties over write what you experienced & how it feels to scratch that off your bucket list
  • Travels- Similar to the Bucket List but can also be a bit of a travel log/scrapbook. Include a picture or few & write how much fun you had or even how much fun you did not have, any flat tires or hilarious over flirtatious locals write it down. It will serve as something to reminisce or to make a goal to return or never go back again.
  • Spiritual/Insights- This is one I have the most of, as touched on previously, these are the ones i write down promptings of the spirit in, quotes, sayings, etc..
  • Quotes- I know you love pinterest, or have seen a quote someone posts on facebook, Keep inspiring quotes & quotes you love in one place!!
  • Goals- simple enough, write down goals & then record when you achieve them how it felt to achieve it
  • Dreams-Have dreams of starting a business or going to school or a mission etc.. write in here & you can keep quotes or phone numbers of contacts or anything that will help you achieve said dream
  • Journal for Each Child- I have not started these yet because well I don’t have any kids yet, but i love the idea of writing while pregnant or while each kids grows write things to them that you are proud of or heck even times they drove you up the wall so one day they can read & see how much you had to put up with (Ha!) But also to see how proud of them you truly are. You could also do this as a wedding gift for a fiance or keep one for your husband.
  • Trial Journal- This is a great one to keep. to look back & see how you overcame/overcome trials, date trials & update. Go back to each trial & record how you are dealing with said trial or how you overcame that trial & things learned.
    • This journal is NOT meant to drown in sorrows but to remember & focus on our strengths we receive from trials & heaven forbid we experience a trial more than one we can see what helped us overcome it & gain strength from advice we experienced ourselves.
    • This also can be beneficial to your children in them knowing they are not the only one going through trials, You too may have been through it as well, we know as stubborn as kids are they think “You have no idea what I am going through” But as much as they maybe won’t listen to you as an adult they may be more receptive to you as your younger self recorded & read in your journal by your child one day
    • When keeping a Journal like this remember not to Dwell in the past but learn to talk about your blessings more that you talk about your burdens

I could go on this topic for a while But I mostly wanted to share something about my self that I collect & that I am passionate about. I have a grandmother who always journals & I guess that is where I get it maybe.

If you do take anything away from this no matter word for word or almost to nothing remember to WRITE IT DOWN.

Do you keep a Journal?

Do you have one or many?

What kinds of Journals do you keep & why?

How do you Journal (writing or typing)?

When I look for journals I look for ones that will last, No flimsy ones, I like all sizes because some fit easily in my purse & I can keep with me at all times & others are larger & i can fit more in. Most if Not all of mine have come from Barnes & Noble, Home Goods & Marshall’s.

Here are some of my favorites I have found recently,





Conference Traditions

I ADORED General Conference this past weekend!! Well, I always adore conference ha! But really, I always write down questions that I ponder before conference, sometimes, even weeks & months before conference. I think this quote sums up & answered all my questions in one!! I needed to hear this soooo much!! It never fails EVERY TIME I come to conference with questions every single one gets answered even the ones my forgetful brain forgot that I had! Aside from this talk President Uchtdorf gave I received so many more answers to questions I’d had through inspirational messages from loving leaders of this church. Before Conference weekend started I shared a post about a box I’ve had since being a little, I went through it & reminisced!! Most of it was all silly, primary drawings & paper craft about lessons I’d had in primary, the other lot of it were quotes, journals & such from my youth. I am really looking forward to studying more into those because that is where my testimony of the gospel really helped me become who I am today.

Aside from the excitement of “The Box” I began thinking of traditions to start. Being married now we’ve always done pretty much everything with family, which is awesome & a blast, don’t get me wrong. But there comes time where you as a couple begin on the adventure of creating traditions as a little family. There are somethings each family does that we both love & want to carry on, but also looking for new ideas of things that inspire us & help us as a family celebrate the different events of life.

I began listing some things that we already were doing (Conference tradition wise) & then I started brainstorming & Googling. I know there are a TON out there but here are some of the Ideas that I loved

  • One month before General Conference Begins, Read the previous General Conference Ensign. (a talk each day leading up to the new Conference)
    • These awesome people started 30 DAYS OF CONFERENCE, which is where this idea sprang from, they have an Instagram account that you can follow which helps you stay on top of reading each talk for the 30 days before conference.
  • Between Conferences read the Conference Ensign, so for example, after the April Conference Ensign comes out read talks each week (for FHE, or on Sundays) leading up to the October General Conference. It most of the time works out perfectly.
    • I know these first two are almost the same But! I suggest doing the second if not both!! My husbands family does the second & I loved that they did that & that is something we now do in our home. It is such a great thing to do. I think about how excited I get for General Conference & by doing this it keeps that excitement & spirit year round. It comes in handy especially when previous challenges or topics are revisited in the next conference. I also love that not only¬† do I get to revisit the talks that I loved so much, but that some of the talks which at the time “didn’t apply” to me (or so I thought) sometimes have an effect on me a couple months later, when I may be going through something & I need to read & hear words from someone maybe I didn’t pay that close attention to at the time. Oh my in laws would also play the talk they were on in the Conference Ensign on the computer so that they would be seeing & hearing the voice of the speaker whose talk they were on that week.
  • Build a Fort.
    • Have kids? Don’t have kids? Kids out of the House? Who cares Build a Fort!! Brush up on those skills & get goin. Its the little things that make the Bigger things way more exciting & memorable!!
  • Between Session Picnic
    • I knew a family who did this, they would bring a picnic with them to the church where conference was broadcasted & then instead of going home & then coming back right away they’d go out to the church field & have a picnic & enjoy one another, reflect, review, discuss the talks given, share testimonies, giggle at the times when a speaker made a funny, or if President Monson wiggled his ears again over the pulpit, or when the apostles fist bump one another. Most people view from home now, which totally works too. Go have a picnic in the backyard or go to a local park!!
  • Go on a walk
    • I Love walks probably now more than ever because I have a puppy to walk with. This is such a great way to get out & get some fresh air & stretch between sessions. Like the picnic idea, take this opportunity to reflect on questions you had/have, were they answered yet? how? What was said that comforted you? Not only is it a relaxing thing to do but it gets you outside while your in the mindset of all things conference & full of the spirit, take a look around & love & appreciate where you are now, & the Beauty that surrounds you!
  • This one is a repeat, write down questions you have to ponder during conference
    • The Key to this is WRITE THEM DOWN!! If you have a great memory more power to ya But I am a BIG writer downer. This Works. I Promise you!
  • Candy Jars/Buckets/Bags
    • I loved this one especially if you have little ones (or a Big little one ūüėČ hehe) write down some major topics that are likely to be discussed. Write on the container directly or on a paper then attach to said container & set up on a coffee table or console near the TV. So that whenever the word/phrase is said or they recognize the topic of the talk they can go up & grab a candy/healthy snack from the container. This helps little ones get excited for conference & to practice listening & paying attention to the talks that are given.
  • Conference Countdown
    • I am all for countdowns, I am impatient sometimes when it comes to holidays, I want them to be here as soon as the holiday is in season but then again preparation wise I gain my patience right back up! There are many count down ideas out there, but I even just liked the idea of a good ol paper chain count down calender, this would also be a good idea to coincide the countdown with the Conference Ensign reading schedule!! I guarantee if your kids see you get excited to countdown for conference they will develop a love for doing so too & a Love for Conference.
  • (BIG) Conference Basket
    • I was planning on doing this one this past weekend, but my parents came into town & in between conferences we were spending time together. But this I LOVE!! I am bummed I didn’t have time to do it when I found the Idea because I was looking forward to having pictures to share, but bet your bottom be on the look out in April because I’m so doing it!! Get a Big basket the bigger the family the bigger the basket. Load that puppy up!! When I saw this idea it reminded me of Easter. But I liked the idea of one big family basket vs individual baskets, which may not be a bad idea down the line or if you do have kids. But for now I like the Big one, some ideas for things to put in the basket are: Journals, Pens, Snacks/Candy, Blankets/Throws, you can include the family pet & get a bone/toy/treats for them, & whatever else floats your boat!
  • After Conference
    • Along with things previously listed, Something that we are doing this week & I think has been adopted into a tradition is, after conference weekend, play a session each day:
      • Women’s Conference (Saturday Before Conference Weekend/week before conference)
      • 1st session (Saturday morning)
      • 2nd session (Saturday afternoon)
      • Priesthood Session (Saturday Night)
      • 4th Session (Sunday Morning)
      • & 5th Session (Sunday Afternoon)
    • if you divvy those up in order or whichever order you prefer, that’s a session a day (6 sessions/6 days) & will last you until the next Sunday. I thought this would be a great idea because during conference there is so much going on especially Saturdays when there are 3 sessions in a day, it can be exciting but a little overwhelming. Like reading the talks in between conferences, this helps to focus more in depth to the messages that were shared & is less overwhelming, especially if you work on conference weekend or due to life, watching it the exact second its broadcasted isn’t realistic at the time. This gives you an opportunity to watch it for the first time, & taking your time or gives you the opportunity to focus again or hear things you missed before.

Do you have Conference Traditions?

I’d love to know if any of y’all use these in the future if you do please tag @theflorallumberjack /use hash tag #theflorallumberjack


If your reading this & wondering what in the world General Conference is…

watch here


visit here What is General Conference?

or here http://www.mormon.org/eng




Tips for Owning a Puppy


If you know me you KNOW puppies are my kryptonite. I LOVE them, if I could I’d have Five…Hundred…Thousand…but I’d settle for five. I have Loved animals my whole life & especially puppies!!

So, this year Finally owning my own puppy I thought I’d share some tips on Picking, Buying, Training, Owning, & Loving a puppy. I am in NO way an expert or claim to be but as always I hope my words can ease someones mind or help someone somewhere in whatever way it may be. Enjoy!!


-There are endless “which puppy is right for you?” tests/quizzes you can find online &/or you may already know what you “Think” you want. My thoughts, DO YOUR RESEARCH!! There will always be good & bad about each breed, that does Not mean you will have the same experience good or bad. Things I hear people say, I’ve heard it in my family, oh so & so has the sweetest_________ were going to get one of those!! THAT DOES NOT MEAN JUST BECAUSE YOU GET THE SAME BREED IT WILL BE EXACTLY LIKE SO & SO’S DOG. Just like people & children each dog is different.

DO your research, narrow it down. Something we even did was watch YouTube videos on the different breeds we were interested in, & came across some that made the decision even more difficult. But we would find videos on YouTube & watch puppy & adult videos of the different dogs to see how they interact & play; so that we could get to know the breed. I also recommend look up in your town or surrounding area & see if anyone local is selling puppies or a dog of your breed of interest. Go see them!! More often then not, with puppies, parents are normally on site. So you can get a rough idea how big they will get & look like when they’re grown & know what to expect somewhat. You can also ask the breeder because more than likely they with have had plenty of experience with the breed.

Also Take into consideration how much you are willing to spend on a dog, think about breed, adopting from a shelter or buying a purebred, long coat or short coat, large dog, medium or small, high energy or a coach potato, a puppy, adult or geezer puppy, one pre-trained or one you train yourself, also something most people don’t take into consideration is breeds that have more health risks than others. All these things play into cost of a dog that most may not think about when they catch “Puppy Fever”.


– Oh do I get, have, had Puppy Fever. It is SO easy to fall in love with those adorable puppy eyes, tiny little soft cuddly body, that lil puppy bum & the sweet puppy breath (am I the only one who loves puppy breath?)

Unless you are ready for a baby or toddler, put that puppy down!


It breaks my heart when people get puppies & then lose interest when they are no longer “cute” or they didn’t do their research & their puppy didn’t turn out to be what they expected or wanted, which in no way is the poor puppy’s fault. Having a puppy is like having a child or toddler, (well a little easier in my opinion but all in all very similar) they need love, they cry, they pee, they poop, they need your attention & time with you.


– Financially, Physically, Time Wise, & Space Wise

Make Darn sure you know what you are getting into, we prepared by doing what I mentioned above & though it didn’t prepare us for everything it prepared us pretty¬† well mentally of what to expect. I had a rude awakening because I had grown up with animals & dogs aside from the couple years of being married before moving to Texas, I never lived in a home without a dog. So I was SURE I knew what I was doing HA just like kids they know how to push buttons or be stubborn at all the wrong times & yeah having your Own is Different.


– Most people know if they want to buy or adopt.

I am all for adoption of all kinds, But I personally like knowing the dogs, history, health history, life expectancy, & temperament. I more so had a fear of getting a dog from a shelter & it not being good with kids, or people, or other dogs. But I knew if I did adopt, I’d get a puppy because then I could raise it & raise it up with my nieces & nephews & in the future our own kids. Now I know that sounds awful Because it breaks my heart when I see older dogs in shelters & here I am a stereotypical person who goes for the “cute” “puppies”,¬† Diesel just happen to be our puppy he was everything we were looking for & it was meant to be. Whether he had been months old, years, or decrepit with a milky eye & bald patches I would have loved him the same, I do wish I could have all the old puppies in the shelters because it breaks my heart they are not spending their last years in a comfy home being spoiled.

& honestly there are people who get mad at people for not adopting & to them I say its not Your decision. I don’t think it makes you any less of a person or a bad person for that matter if you choose to buy vs adopt. However there is a sweet experience when you adopt & I wouldn’t trade or would have expected a more suitable fit than our Diesel. Adopting is not for everyone, do whats right for, You.


– BE PREPARED. No matter the dog no matter the age, Puppy proof. If you don’t want it chewed, destroyed, or peed on put it up, do without, or find a replacement that’s pet friendly. Even my dog being almost one he still is like a toddler, any little things are on the floor he grabs it & takes off with it. Get the basics, I HIGHLY recommend a crate, food & water dish, if you have a big puppy or dog or will be big get an elevated bowl or dish holder, puppy food, treats, stinky treats, Leash, collar, name tag, harness if you need, dog bed or cushion, pee pads, shampoo, brush, toothbrush, tooth paste, Q tips, & LOTS & LOTS & LOTS & LOTS of Toys!!

Toys are HUGE Diesel has NEVER well okay minus a couple things, he really has never chewed & destroyed any of our things. I have always made sure he has a crap load of toys to distract him with. Also I am home most of the time so I never keep him in his crate & never do when I am home. When I am gone he is in his crate but home he is always with me, yes there are those times when its suspiciously quiet but most of the time he hangs in the same room I’m in & he’s never really gotten into horrible mischief because he is always with me & I keep a close watch on him. I hear some people just leave their dogs or puppies locked up all day & that just pents up energy & feelings of neglect that they will more often than not take out on things or you because they just want & need attention.

Exercise is HUGE especially in puppies & high energy dogs, I don’t know a dog who doesn’t perk up & get the “Walkie?” wiggles, when you say that magic word. It doesn’t have to be miles at least take them with you to the mail¬† or around the block once or a couple times. Doing this will also help them be good on a leash & not sled dog ya across town.


-Whether your a trainer yourself or need help I Highly recommend getting a dog trainer. They are easily found at your local pet store & most offer classes locally & they are surprisingly inexpensive! I am Great at teaching basic commands & tricks but I needed help in getting Diesel to stay & listen & come better especially as he got older. We’re still working on things, Dogs love being trained, its fun for them & they get to spend time & get attention from their favorite human, You!!


–¬† I’m just going to share what has worked for me & share some of my favorite products that we love.

I don’t know why but I HIGHLY over shot how much It was to own a dog. Vet visits & vaccinations are surprisingly affordable. Now the price goes up if you spoil your dog like we do, I sometimes feel bad because I hope I can show Diesel as much love as I do now when we have two legged puppies come along one day. Big things for me were the basics:

  • Collar Name Tag & Leash- we got our leash & collar from the shelter we got Diesel from & both cost like $8 bucks, the tag we got made at our local H-E-B
  • Dog Dishes- we got at our Local H-E-B
  • Crate- was actually a hand me down but its kinda wonky so we hope to get a new one from Petco.
  • Crate cushion- I actually just used a blanket when Diesel was just a puppy but after he was potty trained I got him a Big comfy Lumberjack (of course) print beddy.
  • Pet beds- I actually have two pet beds in addition to his crate, one is by my bed he sleeps in (when he gets shoved out of our bed when he tries to come cuddle) & the other is also in our living room & is his Place bed/ one of his many nap spots. ( a place bed is a designated place or spot where if you choose you can have your pet go when you need them to stay or if someone comes to the door, visitors come, or while your eating)
  • Laser- Okay people are Biased on this one but Diesel LOVES Mr. Dot. You say “Diesel wanna play with Mr. Dot” he will drop whatever he is doing (unless cheese is involved) & will chase Mr. Dot til his little heart is content. This may not be the best but its helpful when we have had a busy day & its too late or we didn’t have time to walk him, we will play Mr. Dot in the Backyard & it wears him out & he is a little happy pup.
  • Brush- Diesel hates the brush but loves being brushed if that makes sense but no matter the coat, brush your pup.
  • Q tips- clean those ears, especially for dogs more prone to ear infections. (just remember to not go in deep)
  • Shampoo- most people groom their dogs, that is something I try to save money on expense wise & do myself, I have gotten Diesel Groomed once but no offense I feel like I do a much better job & Diesel is soooo soft especially after a Baffie, & when I got him back he felt course & I was¬† like uh no thanks Plus this shampoo I use I get from Target, makes him so soft & smell sooo yummy, they have other scents too but I love the¬†Coconut Lime Shampoo!! Diesel is either soft by nature or he is soft because this is the only shampoo I have used on him & ask my sister she always is like “Diesel is SO Soft!”
  • Nail Trims- this is something I cannot do, I used to clip our family dogs nails & still sometimes do for my mom but its like playing operation. Once I got a teensy bit too short & they yelped & it broke my heart that I hurt them so I just can’t so we go to our local Petco & get it done.
  • Toothbrush & paste- just get the paste. They have this gel stuff at Petco that you can brush or rub on their teeth & it works great so Just buy the gel! Unless you have doodie heads at your local pet store, I just ask for a toothbrush when I need a new one. When I take Diesel to get his nails trimmed, they always give me one for free & sometimes more than one!!

I am going to let you in on my secret… it has saved me a shlew of money!! Its….HOME GOODS. To most peoples surprise they have Pet stuff!! I buy my, pet beds, cushions, some treats, some things I will mention momentarily.. but mostly TOYS!!

  • Toys- toys can add up and wowza are they expensive!! I’m sorry but you want me to pay how much for a toy my dog will pull the stuffing out in 5 minutes? yeah HOME GOODS. Their toys are half price & I can get way more & I’m not so hurt when they get destroyed because 1. its not my furniture or shoes & 2. their cheap & I can just go load up on more later.
  • Tooth Gel- that tooth gel I mentioned, saw it half price at Home Goods.
  • Pet Beds & Cushions- big ones I’ve paid no more that $30 bucks for.
  • Gulpy– okay if you are a runner or not if you just like going for walks, this thing is awesome!! I love it & its the best one I’ve seen & I’ve gotten all of mine at Home Goods. They have a big size & a half size I like both, one for longer walks & one for shorter ones (also great for road trips). Its a travel water bottle for your dog, its got a trough attached to it they can drink out of so no carrying a bottle & bowl any more!! I love em & its a GOOD thing to have when we go for walks in the Texas Heat. (keep those puppies hydrated!!) Both sizes are less than $5 bucks each at Home Goods.
  • Leashes- we have a ton of these, we have your regular 4-6′ leash,¬† a 15′ leash & a 30′ leash. We have a 2 in one that I Love from Petco that you can get a 4 or 6′. It has a short handle which I love, great for training to heel or to keep close to you when other people or dogs pass by or to just keep them close. We also have a harness, we used a pinch collar when he was a puppy, but if I could go back I never would have used one.
  • Blankets- also Home Goods, (I’m telling you Home Goods!!) has dog blankets, good to lay on couches if your pet is allowed or to help keep them warm in the winter times.
  • Seat belt, car mat, chair covers for the car, divider to keep from jumping in the front of the car- we’ve all gotten from Home Goods.
  • Dog Food, Treats, stinky treats- we all get from Petco,but as a special treat/high reward treat, He LOVES CHEESE. I don’t do many bones but every now & then we will get him a deer shed or a rawhide (no knots). Also I highly recommend Nylon bones, we did get Diesel a softer nylon bone & I hated that thing there were chunks¬† of it everywhere, his harder ones no mess I love em!! (got em at Home Goods)
  • Poo bags- you can get these in bulk at home goods & most come with a dispenser (please scoop the poop, coming from one who has cleaned multiple pairs of shoes)

Some last tips that have helped me, some of which I have touched on before are:

  • Love them. Dogs are the best they are always happy to see you & they just know love. Its so great.
  • Spend time with them-where ever you are bring them with you where ever you can especially inside the home, no one likes to be alone & neither does your puppy.
  • Walk them. All dogs love walks & need the exercise. No matter the business of the day make time for your buddy, he has all the time in the world for you!
  • SOCIALIZE, I wish I hadn’t listened to someone when they gave me crappy advice. Socialize your dog & take them to pet stores, get them out as much as you can & while they are young they will behave so much better in public & around other dogs if you do.
  • DO NOT use the crate as time out or make it a bad place for them to be. They will associate bad things with it & not want to be in it or cry, whine when they are in it. We have put Diesel in timeout or tell him Naughty when he has been a turd but NEVER have I used his crate for punishment, with the exception of having to clean up messes & I have put him in His crate to get him out of the way so I could clean up a mess.
  • DO NOT get mad at them for peeing or pooping in the house! If they know better then Maybe, but they can’t help it especially when they are puppies they are still learning. You can tell them Naughty & then right away put them outside. Never beat or hit your puppy they are just like babies they are still learning & don’t know any better just yet.
  • Let them Think, Patience, have lots of patience, time invested in your puppy in the beginning will pay off later. If your playing with your dog or ask them to get their ball give them a chance & give them the credit they deserve. Dogs are SMART, we’ve done this with Diesel & now he’s to smart for his own good lol no he’s great. But we tell him get your ball, or look your bone is over there, or your kong is in your beddy in the room, we give him a chance to process & think for himself instead of “oh you dang dog its right in front of you!!” Give them a chance they will surprise you.
  • Make a big deal, if your dog does something good or praiseworthy, PRAISE THEM, make a BIG DEAL they will get so excited & be like OH I get mom or dads attention when I do this, this must be a good thing!! But make sure you have a difference between praise attention & naughty attention. Dogs Love attention & sometimes good or bad they’ll take what they can get.
  • Set Boundaries, are they allowed on the bed, couch, inside, on the carpet? Set the boundaries now. I’m a weakling because I love me puppy cuddles but deep down I’d rather Diesel off the couch & bed.
  • Get a Pet store discount/savings card, the savings add up I tell ya!!

There is so much to owning a dog but its just a way of life, its in no way a bad thing or something that takes over your life. Dogs are like kids they change your life for the good, but your life doesn’t revolve around them. They come into your life & yes adjustments are made but you still manage to get things done that you did before, life’s just a little better now is all!!

I hope this helped & was in no way overwhelming. Like I said I am No expert but just thought I’d share my experiences that may be helpful to someone. I am still learning & make mistakes but take each day as it comes.

Last but not least here are some Links you may Enjoy

– If you cannot afford dog training or just want to learn how to teach your dog fun tricks or work on one thing in particular, this guy is awesome & its FREE, His name is Zak George

Bark Box– these are fun packages that are sent to your home once a month for as long as you like full of toys & treats for your pup

Wildebeest– I just came across these guys & they are awesome!! They have super fun products.

Also If you too are in the San Antonio, Texas area Hit me up I will give you my trainers Info she. is. AWESOME.

What kind of puppy do you have? (I call all dogs puppies no matter how old they are)

What are some of your favorite pet products?


  • Guest

    You are so insightful. I would love to start a journal collection of my own!

    If you don’t mind me asking, where did you get your journal that says, “Not all who wander are lost?”

    – xx

  • Thank you so much, it’s addicting (in a good way)!!
    I got that specific one at Home Goods (=
    Thanks for commenting & happy journaling!!