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Things I’m Lovin’

1. Dainty necklaces

-I am loving all of these dainty necklaces, short & long. I love layering them or just wearing a single strand. I used t be big on accessories & I still am but I just love the simplicity of little gold chains

2. Fall colors, well fall in general

-Fall is probably my favorite time of year. I love the cooler (but Not cold) weather, cool enough to wear warm clothes but don’t have to hide them under a parka. I just Adore fall colors!! Burnt orange, hunter green, rich plum, black, gold, you name it!! I just gush when I see all of the gorgeous trends for fall in those colors!!

3. Puppy snuggles

-As Diesel has gotten older he doesn’t snuggle as much as he did when we first got him, I know it has to deal with us being more strict in him not getting on the furniture anymore. But then he used to fit in our arms & laps, we had cuddle sessions every morning. He still sneaks into bed with us in the mornings before Chris leaves for work & then stays & snuggles me after daddy leaves & I love every second!!

4. Hugging & Smoochin the hubsters every time he walks through the door after a hard days work

-I hope I never forget to do this. It started off as lovey dovey newlyweds just so excited to see each other after being thrown back in to the new working world called life, & we would just be so happy to see on another & we’ve done it ever since. It may just be a girly thing but I just always want him to want to come home & know he is loved & that I am always there for him. We had a day in our first year of marriage when Chris came home (he had previously called telling me his job was letting him go, no two weeks, nothing, due to the economy & he was the last one hired) I will never forget the day he walked through our door & we just hugged. Maybe that’s why we do it I have no idea but I am so glad we do! Not to mention I pray for him like crazy while he is away, never take for granted safe arrivals home, no matter the job, no matter the distance.

5.  Anything Lumberjack (black & red buffalo plaid)

-Well this should be a given. haha! I truly do love all things lumberjack!!

6. Cozy Snuggle Blankets

7. Journals

-I am  a blanket & journal hoarder (okay hoarder is a little strong). I love cozy blankets & throws of all materials & patterns, furry, soft, crocheted, ruffly, love them!! If I could have everyone of Anthropologie’s throws & blankets I would, well I would be one happy gal! & Journals, I just love them I always have, I am a big list maker & big on writing things down. It just works best for me & I try & always have one on me in case of who knows, a prompting, a quote, a thought, or goal. I try & find unique ones that I don’t have already, But I am a huge fan & do have several of these ones from Barnes & Noble that are leather, Love em!!

8. Coconut Hibiscus Lotion

-I LOVE lotion & I am picky with it!! I have to use lotion because I have had surgeries, but I also Love using it! I won’t bore you with what I look for in a lotion but I recently found Shea Moisture products & I am in LOOOOVE!! I have been using their Coconut & Hibiscus Body Butter, I use this only before bed, it smells AHmazing. I love their Manuka Honey & Mafura Oil Infused Shea Body Butter as well. However I did find first OGX Coconut Milk & Hibiscus Body Lotion & I use this for after shower all over lotion & with my Coconut Papaya Shampoo I smell like Hawaii. (I’ve never been to Hawaii but I’d like to think that’s what it smells like.)

9. Balmshot Chap stick

-Living in Utah I believe, ruined my skin forever. I went through gobs of lotion & tubes of chap stick. I’ve used just about every chap stick out there. I have always loved Burt’s but I have found a new love… Balmshot. This stuff rocks, I first picked it up while checking out at Bed bath & beyond. I was immediately attracted to it due to its tube, A shot gun shell. We are Huge gun enthusiasts in my family & in our home so I knew I had to try it. Not only is the packaging awesome and Genius, but the chap stick itself is awesome, keeps my lips soft & for a long time, I personally can always tell a Good chap stick when I don’t have to reapply it 50 times a day.

10. Home Depot

-Oh Home Depot why do you tempt me so??? I don’t know about you but Home Depot is my Target. I always come out with more than I go in thinking that I am coming out with. I am in the process of decorating & redoing furniture so I am in decor/remodel mode. I want to do everything at once but am taking things one project at a time (there is a light at the end of this tunnel right?) I just love Home Depot, mostly because I think of my Dad every time I walk in & around the store (frequent trips with dad when I was a youngin) I just associate the smell of lumber with my dad (hint hint another of the many reasons behind the name of this blog) I just Love Home Depot, its so fulfilling fixing, making, creating, something yourself & seeing the outcome of all of your hard work. Home Depot is my Disney Land, it makes all my dreams come true!! (I’ve never been to Disney so maybe Home Depot is more capable of fulfilling dreams I don’t know ha!)


The Treasure Box

So I have this box…

(yes that is Diesel’s paw, he always sneaks into shots he’s a camera hog)

My mom made me this box when I was in primary (4-6yrs old i think, I’ve had it a long while) I think it was for a primary talk or sharing time or something. I remember making it with my mom & taking it to primary & showing it to the primary. Well over the years I kept primary sharing time handouts, projects, then young women handouts, & then seminary & institute journals, notes & handouts & i have no idea what else!! Its become kind of a spiritual time capsule (I am sure that is NOT what this was intended for) but it just became a place where I stored all of my church stuff over the years. I have been wanting to go through it for so long & now I am going to save it (if i can wait!!) for  this weekend & excavate it between Conference sessions. I am pretty excited to see how I have progressed in the gospel, & to remember how I felt back then, my little testimony & such!!

Here is a peek inside:


There are layers of my youth under this top layer ha!

I am way to neat freaky now to keep things like this any longer but I dunno maybe I will organize the inside & keep it going?

Do any of y’all remember doing this or have done anything like this?

***So I totally found the original article that my mom used & the idea behind the “Sabbath Treasure Box” it was in 1995, i was 5, so I’ve had this thing 20 years!!***


The Floral Lumberjack


I’m Samantha, I am 24 years young & a newlywed of 3 years. I’m from Corpus Christi, Texas  & you can bet your bottom I love me some barbecue & country music. The theory behind “The Floral Lumberjack” is all about the things I love & dream to do (I’ve got a Texas sized heart & acres of dreams!!) I have so many things I can’t wait to share & am so grateful you stopped by!!