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Anthro Steals

I Love finding me a good deal. If you know me I Love Anthropologie, along with many other things haha I love the way they style their stores & just the unique items they get in. My least favorite thing about them along with other stores that have things I’d love, is the price. But having the awesome Momma I do, she’s taught me to find deals, find things for less, or make it myself & I’ve gotten pretty good at it if I do say so Myself. These are small things but I figured I’d share if  you’ve stumbled upon these same items as I have & save ya some cold hard Benji’s.


 Anthropologie – Creature Kingdom Hook, Owl – $22.00

IMG_20141106_125906Hobby Lobby – Antique Bronze Metal Owl Hook – $5.99

They used to have these available online & I hunted for a link but they may be out online but check back they sometimes get things back in online, but I know I just saw these in stores not long ago so check in store!!

Now Hobby Lobby puts different items half off every other week, so I actually scored these little darlings for $2.99 each!!

(So if you go into your local Hobby Lobby & what your needing to buy is Not on sale then WAIT it will be next week)


Anthropologie – Hand-Cut Agate Bookends – Green – $128.00 ea.


Home Goods – Agate Bookends – Green – $12.99 ea.

Yeah this is quite the difference in price. I bought these at my local Home Goods before I saw these on the Anthro website. I was just browsing on Anthro one day & was like Hey I just bought those!! Then I clicked the color & then saw the price & was like WOWZA, Thank you Home Goods for saving me $100 bucks!!

I hope this Helped you!! I have so many other finds I have found that have saved me a ton of money, so stay tuned & I will make sure I share. I’m all about doing things for less as much as I can, I just love finding things that I have been on the hunt for & end up finding the exact thing for less or something similar that I end up loving more!!

What are some steals & deals You have found?


a long awaited transformation

The most important room in home in my personal opinion is the Master Bedroom.

Married or not, children or not; Your bedroom should be your getaway, your place to unwind, withdrawal from worries of the day, a place to relax, a place of love & tranquility.

Well that’s selfish what about the family room or the kitchen the “Heart” of the home?

I’m sorry, but the heart of my home is the bedroom (master bedroom). Whether you have kids or not the bedroom like the marriage should be the “mantle” so to speak of the home. Its a place where husband & wife reconnect & hey we all sleep right or at least attempt to? If a husband & wife can recollect themselves & each other it then  makes life in and out of the home easier when tackled as a team.

No matter the budget big or small you can always work within your means to make your house a home.

I had been getting after my sister to transform her bedroom for a while, & it honestly didn’t take much convincing because she wanted to do it badly as well. The convincing part was more so dropping other parts of the home she wanted to work on & put all focus on their bedroom.

It is still a work in progress but its almost there!! It looks gorgeous & I am so happy for her!! It was a blast looking & hunting for deals & unique items to incorporate in their room.

Details about the room:

Bedding: Duvet, coverlet, shams, & brass rhino were all purchased at West Elm

Various Decor Items: all animal heads (minus the larger deer mount), lamp, were found at our local Home Goods

Front throw pillows & Nighstands/side tables: were hunted down at our local Marshalls

The Head board was proudly designed & built my my sisters awesome Hubby

The  Alfred Deer mount was purchased from White Faux Taxidermy

(FYI if you have not checked out White Faux Taxidermy do it PRONTO!! You will want everything, & become addicted like we have haha)

I hope this inspired you & I challenge you if you have yet to, Give that Bedroom Oasis some love, remember Rome wasn’t built in a day. Take Your time, Look for pieces you LOVE & fall back in Love. Best of Luck!!


ello deer

Happy Halloween!!

I am a BIG Halloween costume procrastinator. I can maybe MAYBE count on one hand times where I “pre” planned what I was going to be for Halloween. Since last Halloween me & the Hubs wanted to be Lumberjacks, but last year fell through & we didn’t end up dressing up due to moving. But this year the day of, me & my oldest sister went looking for costumes at a local Halloween store. There were a Ton of cute ideas but the Hubs wasn’t so crazy about some of my couple choices haha after we left I was determined to find something. That is when I remembered this tutorial!!

You can also visit Miss Shannon O’Brien‘s blog in the link below for more details on this look

This idea was just too cute & one of our favorite things, Deer!!

I have to say THIS is probably one of the easiest go to costume ideas & cheapest at that. Most of the stuff you need are already in your make up bag or you can get super cheap at your local drug store or Ulta!! The only thing you may need to find if you have no trees in your yard like me (front or back), are twigs for your “antlers”. I snuck into my sisters front yard (we are 4 houses apart) & got some small branches off her tree (with her permission) I was however caught by 3 of my nephews & heard the oldest say “Mom why is aunt Samantha taking branches off the tree?” hahaha they came outside & caught me red handed asking why I needed sticks for a costume & I just told them just wait & see its going to be a surprise!!

I surprised myself with my skills, my one sister has mad make up skills (she taught me how to be girly) so I was terrified I was going to slaughter the deer/look (haha)

But though my lines weren’t perfect it came out pretty cute!! This is such an inspirational look as well. My sister ended up copying this look for one of my little nieces which came out WAY better than mine (its those mad make up skills I tell ya & the help of a beautiful little sweetheart!) Not only that but she recreated the look Again on my niece for Halloween & ended up doing it on herself as well. and another friend of mine a fellow Texan copied this look as well as a friend in Chili. AND later found out my sister helped Her friend with this look as well. I’m tellin ya Easy & Adorable!!

But enough chattin here are some pictures of my look & my little niece who wanted to look like her auntie manta!!