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Diesel Paws

When I think of rain . . .

the sounds, the smell

open windows w/ the trickle of drops grazing every surface from the leaves of the trees to the sun beaten blades of grass

pajamas all day & cuddles

the crackle of flickering candles that embrace the air w/ aromatic smells

the soothing tunes of vinyl making the rounds on the record player

cozy blankets nuzzled up w/ a mug of marshmallow topped cocoa

intriguing books & romantic movies

breakfast for dinner

diesel paw prints

a face mask & sugar scrubs soaked in a hot bubble bath

getting creative w/ colors or projects or crafts or paints

belting out ballads

puppy kisses

squeaky rain boots & bubble umbrellas,

puddles & dancing

the only thing missing is a fire worthy of toasted roasted gooey marshmallows



I’ve always struggled talking with my dad in that I never wanted to go to him with struggles or times when I made mistakes. I just chalk it up to the fear of Him not being proud or letting Him down. However . . . Not Once have I ever forgotten the countless times he reminded me that I could talk to Him about Anything.

As I am writing this an insight came to mind how similar the feelings I feel when I would talk to my dad & when I have talks with my husband. In a pause of thinking about this It’s interesting how the mantle of the priesthood is present in the homes of righteous priesthood holders. On different occasions in speaking with my dad & my husband, I have a hesitation to even speak to them at all in opening up & being vulnerable about what it is that will be discussed. Every time I end up crying & a lot of it is I hate not being able to say what I want to say, share or express without getting emotional. But the light in that, is the special spirit that comes from a worthy priesthood holder to help in administering to a concerned, hurt, or uplifted daughter & wife. Having the influence of a priesthood holder growing up & now in my home makes all the difference in a home & in a marriage.


Story Time- This one time the sister missionaries stopped by our home after a long day of tracking. We invited them inside for some water & I remember this one particular sister plopped in exhaustion on this big chair in our living room & said “Ahhh the Priesthood.” it was hilarious. But Honestly I have often thought about that instance & frequently find myself saying “Ahh the priesthood.” The Priesthood is truly a great blessing & really is the foundation for the spirit in the home. Strive to have the Priesthood in your home & in your life!!


My dad taught me what I consider to be the most profound lesson I have ever been taught & one that have an impact on me for eternity. At age four, my dad taught me not only how to pray, but how to communicate with my Father in Heaven. The love & assurance my earthly father taught me, not only heightened my relationship with my Dad; But taught a daughter of a higher power & a love that is worlds without end. I came to Know for myself at a very young age, of the existence of a Heavenly Father & His love for me because of how my Dad loves me.

For that I am indebted to my Father for Reintroducing me to my Heavenly Father.

A journal entry of mine I came across recently that I had recorded during a class a church was this,

April 13, 2014

I am grateful that my parents taught me at a young age how to develop a relationship with my Savior & Heavenly Father through their example. I know I cannot wait to teach my children the same, so that when I myself may fall short as a parent, as I’m sure at times I will . . . The Savior & our Father in Heaven can step in & be a comfort & provide guidance in instances where I may not be able to do so, for whatever the reason.

I am living proof that The Most Meaningful thing you can teach a child is The Power of Prayer. Reintroduce them to their Heavenly Father . . . He will help them with the rest.



Who’s going!?!
Its for all women & it’s not too late to sign up to come!!
I am so excited to FINALLY go to Time Out For Women. I have wanted to go for years & the time has come. I am so excited for the next few weeks I cannot even tell you…Women’s Conference, weekend after that General Conference, & weekend after that TOFW!! I don’t know if I am prepared for all of this upcoming spiritual craziness but I can tell ya one thing, I need it!!
So excited to be going with my momma & big sis not to mention some girl time!! I’ve been told TOFW is like a weekend women’s EFY. . . I Loved EFY. I cannot wait!! If you happen to be attending the San Antonio TOFW this April come find me!!